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I play guitar in a band…..I need pedals. So that’s been the story for almost 15 years now. The genesis of Daredevil was touring, recording, and spending my last pennies on strings and more gear than I could fit in my apartment. After never owning or affording the cool effects I wanted, I decided to build a few things. This quickly turned into an obsession, like a non stop-all night long obsession of the 3rd kind. Other friends wanted my new pedals, one thing leads to another, here we are. Daredevil Pedals, 100% hand built in Chicago, IL since summer of 2012. I’m picky when it comes to gear and I’m not gonna make pedals I wouldn’t play through.

I started out building old school point to point and stripboard circuits, which i still love to do, so those will be available occasionally as time allows. My favorite effects are the vintage circuits from the 60’s & 70’s. Big ‘ol hand wired tone machines… the muscle cars of rock n roll pedals. Almost all Daredevil pedals are original design circuits that capture something unique, a certain sonic idea i’ve been hearing in my head. That’s what drives this whole train… seeking out new ideas and approaches to classic tones for the modern age. I’m going to continue doing my best to make affordable effects that sound great and inspire people. Spread the fuzz and get yourself one of these hand built pedals.

Plug in, Tune up, Rock out.

Check out these pedals and the music I make with em here…>>> the EVICTIONS . com

  • Johnny